About Us!

A band comprised of three lovely individuals.

The wonderful vocals of Jane Smith, the truly beautiful guitar work from Kurt Crompton and the perfect percussion of Jonny Gleave.

Jonny Kurt

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Could this be your new favourite band? Well Since this is the website of the band, we'd be telling fibs if we didn't say we hope so!

Formed in August 2010, Bright Shapes tumbled onto the scene to the approval of many nice people. They soon started writing song after song after dinner after song. Audiences and judges alike approve of their chilled out, jazzy swing vibe. After a short amount of time together the group had even played London's world famous IndigO2 after reaching the National Final of Open Mic UK. After many adventures playing many different types of venues and events the band members continue to enjoy playing and writing together and making delightful sounds.

The music, it turns out, is rather splendid. Hope you'll agree.

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